About Us

University of Toronto Argentine Tango Club

milongaOur mission is to provide a friendly, pressure-free place for University students and the general public to learn authentic Argentine Tango and it’s culture. We strike our best to invite quality instructors/experienced dancers to our classes and practices. The club organizes and offers tango classes, practice sessions, and Milongas.

Below are the objectives of the club:

  • To provide an inclusive and diverse environment for both students and public to engage in Argentine Tango dancing
  • To promote the culture of traditional Argentine Tango
  • To provide authentic Argentine Tango classes
  • Everybody are welcome to participate in the club’s activities, regardless of their age, gender, ethnic and religious belief

If you have any  inquiries or question, including if you wish to be subscribed or unsubscribed from our mailing list, please us email us using:


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Current Executive Team

  • Eric Corlett  – President
  • Micaela Kong Gonzalez – Marketing