About Us

University of Toronto Argentine Tango Club

milongaOur mission is to provide a friendly, pressure free place for University students and general public to learn Traditional Salon Argentine Tango and it’s culture. We strike our best to invite quality instructors to our classes to provide the best Argentine Tango learning experience.

As a University of Toronto recognized student group, we organize and offer tango classes, workshops, social outings and Milongas (the tango social gathering).

Below are the objectives of the club:

  • To provide a friendly environment for both students and public to engage in Argentine Tango dancing
  • To promote the culture of traditional Argentine Tango
  • To provide quality-based tango classes and workshops
  • Everybody are welcome to participate in classes and workshop

If you have any  inquiries or question, including if you wish to be subscribed or unsubscribed from our mailing list, please us email us using:


Don’t forget to visit our official Facebook page for the latest events happening at UTATC and beyond classes!

Current Executive Team

  • Desmond Chan (President)
  • Claire Zhang (Internal Communication)
  • Ange Yaghi(General executive)
  • Sara Duran(General executive)