Current Instructor(s)

 Bryant Lopez


Bryant LopezBryant was raised in Buenos Aires Argentina from the age of 4 years old and grew up in the Argentine culture of Folk Concerts and Social events. At the age of 14 years old began learning Argentine Folk dance and studied until the age of 19 when he was introduced to Argentine Tango. His learning began in Milongas like “Club Almagro” “Club Grisel” “Club Sunderland”. Throughout his career he worked on developing himself through the Tango Salon elegant style known today as “Villa Urquiza Style”. He has been influence by Tango Maestros like Gerardo Portalea, Roberto Herrera and Vanina Bilous, Osvaldo Zotto, Jose Lampaso, Juan Carlos Copes, Carlos and Rosa Perez, Fabian Peralta. He currently travels abroad to teach and perform to the USA, Argentina, Chile, Bermuda and China.

Previous Instructors

Bryant & Faye Lopez

Bryant & Faye are traditional Argentine tango dancers whose styles derive from the milongas of BsAs. While maintaining the authenticity of traditional tango of the golden age they bring their own interpretation of the current times though feeling and connection which is the most important aspect of their dancing. They continue to develop themselves through the embrace, the expression of the music, the elegance of their walk and a sens of carrying the tradition, the essence of the culture of traditional Argentine tango.

 Bulent Karabagli & Lina Chan

Bulent and Lina are a new generation of Argentine Tango teachers and multiple-style tango dancers with strong roots in traditional Argentine tango.  With 15 years of experience teaching and dancing Argentine Tango all the over the world as guest maestros in major festivals and cities, such as Baltimore Tango Elements, Toronto Tango Festival, Nuevo Tango Festival in Montreal & Toronto Tango Experience, Ottawa and the US. Bulent is well known for his innovative and improvisational approach to tango as well as his fine sense of musicality and elegance.​​ ​Lina is originally from Hong Kong and has over 25 years of experience in various dance form. She is a dancer and teacher in Argentine Tango, ballet and other dance art. The extensive background of Bulent and Lina as visual artists and their artistic maturity also shaped their tango, bringing creativity and expressiveness to their tango improvisations.

Jorge Arce & Natalie Oliva

Natalie and Jorge have been dancing tango for 6 years. They began together, started with one class and fell in love with the dance immediately.  They have become addicted ever since. Jorge has always listened to tango as a child since his Argentinean grandparents, would always play the music reminiscing on their tango days. Tango has been well grown into Jorge’s upraising.

When Natalie decided to move from Argentina to Toronto, she wanted to make sure she could show different people a little bit of the Argentine culture. She knew tango was a well-known, a well-respected dance that could represent the culture and so, decided that she wanted to learn the dance.

“We have been through many schools in Toronto; we decided to stay in one of them as the instructors could offer us what we felt we needed to improve. To make better progress, we have also learned with many professional Argentine instructors, instructors that have dedicated their lives to teaching this beautiful art. We have traveled to Buenos Aires in order to take classes with some tango masters and to immerse ourselves even more in the tango culture.

We want to offer all we can to help people understand not only the dance, but the tango culture. We focus on beginners, as this is the most important stage in learning this dance. We want to assure that students learn the correct way from the start so that they have the basics of tango well grown into them. We want students to understand the dance, the music, the codes….that is to say, the whole culture of tango. This is what makes the dance complete”.

Jani & Kristina Autio

Partners in life and in dance, Jani & Kristina are passionate about Argentine Tango. Having danced the majority of their lives, Tango came quickly for them. During 2008/2009, they lived and studied the culture of Tango intensively in Buenos Aires for 8 months.  Their Tango reflects what is seen in all the traditional milongas of Bs.As. and includes dancing simply to the music in a close embrace. (Unfortunately, they are no longer teaching together anymore)

Andy & Ilona

Ilona & Andy love tango and are dedicated to teaching the Close Embrace style of tango, as it is danced around the world. Enjoying dancing tango for over 30 years combined & cumulativly spending more than 25 months of dancing every day in Buenos Aires! Studying tango from 100+ tango masters in Buenos Aires and worldwide – including: Carlos Gavito, Graciala Gonzales, Gustavo Naveira, Dana Frigoli, Horacio Godoy, “Chicho” Frumboli – and incorporating their best teaching ideas into our classes. Dancing tango in more than 50 cities around the world – in cities like Buenos Aires, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Montreal and New York.