Classes / Events Description

Classes and Events Description

Tango Fundamentals (Posture, Walk, Connection, and Etiquette) – Beginner

If you have no prior experience or if you had tried tango only a few times, this is the level for you. You will learn the foundations of tango – the posture, the walk and connection with your partner through the embrace. You will also learn some dance etiquette that you will need for going out to your first ‘milonga’ – the tango social gathering. We also recommend regular/amateur dancers to revisit the beginner class because nothing beats the basic!

Tango figures/Sequence (Ocho, Boleo, Syncopation, and musicality)

This level is ONLY for students who completed Tango fundamental. Taking this class without solid fundamental would not improve the dance even for the slightest bit. In this level, you will learn common tango figures such as the Ocho and the Boleo. Besides, syncopation will be taught so that students can dance to the music with variation.

Supervised Practices

The practice is open for all level of dancers. Both beginners and more experienced dancers can participate in this activity to practice the fundamentals, figures, and musicality. It is if not, the best way to accelerate your learning progress. By dancing and receiving feedback from more experienced dancers, you would get ahead a lot quicker.


Milongas are the traditional tango social gathering where people get together to socialize and dance. There are many regular milongas in the city but occasionally we organize our very own milonga at the beautiful Hart House.