Classes / Events Description

Classes and Events Description

Tango Fundamentals – Beginner

If you have no prior experience or if you had tried tango only a few times, this is the level for you. You will learn the foundations of tango, the walk and the connection with your partner through the embrace. You will also learn some dance etiquette that you will need for going out to your first ‘milonga’, the tango social gathering where people get together to dance and enjoy a good time. You can take this level more than once because the walk and embrace always require improvement.

Tango Intermediate / Advanced

This level is for you if you feel comfortable with the walk and the embrace. In this level we usually learn a tango figure that we can use later in a milonga while we improve our posture, walk, embrace, connection and musicality. The feedback you get is adapted to your individual skills, so this level is open to all dancers regardless of the experience.

Supervised Practicas

“Practica” is the Spanish word for practice. The “practica” is not a class but an instance for improving your dancing by receiving feedback from more experienced dancers in a welcoming and friendly environment. You can just dance if that is what you really want.


Milongas are the traditional tango social gathering where people get together to talk and dance. There are many regular milongas in the city but occasionally we organize our very own milonga at the beautiful Hart House.